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Terms of Servive

Terms of Service

1. Definitions

1.1.  “PVS” means ProfessionalVideoStore.

1.2. By “Products” we mean any item , service , freight , insurance or anything sold through our website.

2. Orders and Payments

2.1. When finalising an order the customer will receive a Quotation/Proforma which will be valid only for 5 days from the issue date of the Quotation/Proforma

2.2. The Quotation /Proforma will be automatically cancelled if the order has not been paid within 5 days . The customer will need to ask for a new Quotation/Proforma after 5 days.

2.3. Once an order has been placed , the customer will receive a numbered Quotation/Proforma Invoice. It is mandatory to send that quotation number with the order , otherwise the order would not be processed

2.4. A firm order will be treated as such once the payment is received in full into our bank account or though PAYPAL.

2.5. PVS could cancel an order without any explanation and in that case the full amount would be refunded immediately .

2.6. Once the Proforma has been paid the customer cannot cancel an order unless PVS decide to do so , in that case the paid amount could be used for any other purchase with PVS.

2.7. Cashier’s check or any other mean of payment will not constitute payment of invoice until the due amount is in PVS account .

2.8 . The full amount of the Quotation / Proforma invoice should be received into PVS account without any deduction from bank transfer or any other related expenses.

2.9 . PVS can refuse to accept payment if it has not been paid in full or if the fund transfer does not have an invoice reference number .

2.10 . If for any reason mentioned on point 2.9 , PVS refuse to accept a payment it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for the refund of the payment and PVS will not be held responsible for any delay in the process however PVS will help the customer to be refunded as soon as possible

3. Delivery

3.1. The address has to be clear stated and cannot be changed after the order have been placed, moreover we will not accept PO BOX orders as they are not clear. Customer must make sure that the address given is correct.

3.2. PVS is responsible for the delivery to the address stated in the order placed and the customer is responsible to accept the order, failure to do so will take all responsibilities from PVS .

3.3 . PVS responsibility on the delivery of the products ends when it is delivered to the courier or any other means of transport to be delivered to the customer order address.

3.4. All products delivered by PVS is insured against loss or damage during the transport.  In case this occurs PVS will pay for the replacement or the repair as soon as possible.

3.5. PVS will not be held responsible for damage or loss of the product during or after the delivery due to any accident or misuse of the product delivered

3.6. All products delivered by PVS have the EC Duty paid. This means that no EC Duty has to be added to the cost of the product if delivered to any EC country, however, you will need to pay your VAT taxes as you do with any other product that you will buy in your own EC Country. Customers are responsible to pay their own local taxes.

3.7. If the customer is located in a non EC country and the quantity of the order is large enough , we could supply with non EC Duty but the delivery may take longer time. For small orders the saving will probably not be relevant as the price offered will probably still be convenient.

3.8. It is the customer's responsability to check the integrity of the products upon delivery. Please notify IMMEDIATELY to the transport company any damaged or missing item by making a written note on the freight company delivery receipt . Failure to do so may result in loss of insurance.

4. Warantee

4.1. All products sold by PVS have a manufacturer’s guarantee of at least 12 months from the date of purchase, however, some products carry a longer time guarantee and will be specified. There are products that have a special guarantee as Sony Silver Support and Panasonic Premium Service where specified.

4.2. In order to claim for the guarantee the customer shall provide PVS with a complete description of the fault. The customer need to provide PVS with a written report of an authorized Service Centre confirming that it is a manufacturer’s fault as the guarantee covers only manufacturer’s fault and not any fault due to misuse. If the report shows that it is a manufacturer’s fault, then the guarantee will apply and it will be taken only to an authorized centre. PVS shall not be liable for any costs or expenses that the Customer incurs in sending the Products to any other repair centre. If it is not a manufacturer’s fault, the guarantee will not apply and should be paid in full by the customer.

4.3. PVS advises customers to read carefully the manufacturer’s manuals and use the product according to the manufacturer's recommendations . Misuse could lead to technical issues not coverd by the warranty.

5. Liability

5.1. PVS shall not be liable for any damage or harm of any kind that may occur from the supply of any Product by PVS to the Customer or whether such a damage or harm may occur directly or indirectly from Products provided by PVS to the Customer.

5.2 . PVS will not be held liable for delay or failure to comply with  its obligations if the cause of the delay or failure is beyond its control.

6. Use of information

6.1. PVS will use all information about the customers for future emailing with special  offers unless otherwise expressed in writing by the customer to PVS.

7. General 

7.1. All parties agree that in case of a dispute the courts of Spain have exclusive jurisdiction and that the law of Spain shall apply to this agreement.